Testimonials  from  social apps:

"Brad is an innately gifted massage therapist. He is committed to learning and understanding the purpose of each massage technique. Purposeful, powerful, rhythmic, connected, and confident, he would be an asset to anyone seeking alternative care. HIGHLY recommend."

- Sabina, Hypnotherapist

"...Never have had a massage to be so helpful. I'm a hairstylist & was in a car accident so my body was pretty messed up. I've gone to chiropractors & didn't get much relief. But right after the massage my chest opened up and had much better posture....it's been over a week now and my posture and body are still inline. I'm glad I took the time to treat myself."

- Kelli, Hairstylist

"My neck and traps don't hurt today and didn't last night. Wooooooow! Thank you!!!"

- @WhippyCake, Cancer fighter

"Brad has a great feel for the structure of the body and how to manipulate tissues to relieve tension and promote healing. I felt like I was being worked on deeply with a typical deep tissue massage. Highly recommend."

- Aaron, Swimmer *Regular*

"Brad is amazing! He takes his craft very seriously. It's amazing to watch him while he's working - he really puts all his energy into making sure hes hitting the right spots and applying the right amount of pressure where you need it. I've had several sessions with and he's incredible ... very consistent and very professional."

- Edwin, Photographer *Weekly Regular*