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Your Reset is yours only

Updated: Apr 6

A transformative experience.

I see my massage table as a magic carpet from Aladdin - & me as Aladdin about to show you the world!!!

with a blend of:

-Reflexology - 10-15 min feetwork warmup which sends blood everywhere

-Deep tissue - unstick tissues from eachother

-Light tissue- melt away pressure + float away

-Sports/Trigger point - surgery/injury management

-Myofascial - combination of physical + electrically unwinding

-Cranial-sacral - that opens up energy blocks to realign spines energy circuit

-Polarity - opens up stuck energy / emotions of body to feel FREE

-Breathwork - some guided for you to learn how to breath into pain to melt away more

So there's definitely some magic entailed!! The white light kind of magic ... mostly

Never by force and always perfect pressure from our 1st contact and all the way through your Reset !

My work is GREAT for post injury management and revival! Growing up I played very competitive ice hockey for 13 years - so through my own bone shatter, fractures, + tears to now live pain free. We'll erase yours

Obsessed with trying to figure out how to heal pain effectively and quickly did I find the nervous system is in control of all of how deeply that pain goes away. So together WE soften the tension and pressure in the body from all angles.

Like UNWINDING YOU like UNTANGLING a electrical ball of yarn!?

Each session is a little different because I give you exactly what you need ! All for the same result: to shake off the hold yesterday has on us -- and move forward!!!

**Limited availability**

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