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Your Reset is yours only

Updated: Jan 13

Mr Reset is a transformative experience. I see my massage table as a magic carpet from Aladdin - & me as Aladdin about to show you the world!!! *** Aha kind of a joke my specialities are:

> Deep tissue/ light - pain & nervous system relief

> Sports/Trigger point - post injury management / ++ joint integrity

> Myofascial - unstick tissues = make movement easier

> Reflexology @ start w 10-15 min full body warm up

> Cranial-sacral - realigning spine

> Polarity - energy flow opening relaxing the busy nerves

> Breathwork - release deep stuck energy & pump the nervous system fluid to get nerves to let go

So there's definitely some magic entailed!!

From our 1st contact you will feel grounded, and reminded again of peace. Contrast to our busy world will be felt immediately so that you can take a step back from your normal tempo and slow it down.

To be acknowledged and to feel ok is what I find at the surface of our bodies ... down to depths of our soul; really desires to heal. Physical, neuro/nerve, emotional pain/ discomfort is sometimes all affiliated and releases in increments. As well as at the level that you are ready to release it with our session. I make you feel at home with the perfect tone of voice, presence and touch your body calls for and adapt to it as the demand changes moment to moment.

You don't even have to tell me what & where you're hurting - I am highly intuitive - throughout session I ask in my mind what do you need and my hands seem to always find the place!

Sometimes our muscles just need to be held from a hand hug sandwich just the right way to remind the nervous system "it's safe" to get it to stop buzzing -- or other times the pain / discomfort you're feeling needs to connected in a line from toe to skull firmly pressed or massaged all the way up and down the belly to be stretched out with full palms or focused fingers nice and slow to feel strong & secure again -- or lightly scratched in a specific wave like tempo to melt away nerves -- or the perfect pressure at the top/ bottom of the muscle belly to release your limited joint movement with trigger point work at to remold your anatomy so it moves with more ease ...

Each session is a little different because I give you exactly what you need ! All for the same result: to shake off the hold yesterday has on us -- and move forward!!!

* Currently taking new clients *

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