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About Mr. Reset

I feel massage chose me!


It all started with sessions of massaging momma for "5 more minutes" for about 25 more minutes... and later because I was trying to make extra money that I decided to follow the "Wow!"s. 

I played every sport growing up but mostly ice hockey and have been active in the gym and studying the body vigorously since high school so I understand how the body gets taxed. Along with 2 serious injuries, followed by surgeries, and extensive rehab I have found ways to maintain and live pain free each and every day. 

After work on 400+ bodies I have noticed each session I deliver satisfaction that goes deeper than the muscles. People show up to me high stress and at first touch their body defensive and fighting any movement I try to bring... I feel this apprehension and know how to establish trust with the nervous system so that the body will let me in. Meeting each client exactly where they are, never forcing, and always giving them exactly what they need. 

Your pain is my problem and putting it behind you forever is my mission. I'm constantly studying and questioning my mentors about how to be more effective. I am never satisfied and highly ambitious about being one of the best massage therapists in the industry.

Your body will tell me where to go and my hands & heart will listen.

I am here with you!  I am Mr Reset!!


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