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Relieve pain at the source and heal trauma

Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

Outlining muscles to unstick them from other tissues to be most effective

Massage Therapy

Swedish 'Light Touch'  Massage

Life is fast... This is a emotional and nervous system reset. Using full palm touch to ground you back into your body slowing the nervous system activity down - & possibly with some very light touch sprinkled in with just the tips of fingers. This lighter pressure is incredibly sedative and feels like leaving your body almost sending waves of tingling throughout your nerves.


Myofascial Release

"Talking" to tissue and allowing it to free itself from the intricate knots that energizes the body allowing for less energy to be needed to move then before session.

Hand Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Focusing on specific spots that cause regional lock ups and immobility. My Trigger point work has been shown effective on professional athletes and hair stylists and many other "powerful doers". 



7,000+ nerve endings in each foot that map out all internals of specific points of body that can be reached from your feet.

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