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"That was the best massage of my life...."

"My body buzzes for a day after every  session....."

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Who is Mr Reset?


     Even before getting licensed, I noticed the people I work on experience a transformation! And to this day, after working on 500+ bodies my clients show: enlightened emotion, taller posture, and easier movement. 


Hello I am Mr. Reset or as my Ma calls me Brad!

Each session is completely custom to how you show up. From 1st point contact establishing trust, all the way through session with perfect pressure and never by force. As an extreme athlete I've experienced multiple serious injuries/surgery/rehab, & as a momma's boy loving myself through healing my chronic anxiety, I have learned how to live pain/anxiety free. Let me show you!

I want to be one of the best so I check on you post massage to ensure you get results! I even offer for FREE tips / tricks too!

     "How was [their] Reset!?"

  - "That was the best massage of my life!" 

 - Expanded hips to make movement easier

 - "Still days later I am standing much taller"

 - Released frozen shoulder / neck 

 - "2 weeks later my Lower back pain is gone"

 - "I always buzz for days after it"

 - Relieved lower back / shoulder pain

 - "You have redefined massage for me..."

 - Increased ankle mobility / integrity

 - "No one has ever massaged me there"

 - Encouraged digestion 

 - "I slept 10 hours deeply after session!"

 - "Days later I feel lighter"

 - "I feel so much happier"

 - Loosened up scar tissue

 - "I already want another"


Let's heal! 


Txt/Call # 602-509-2157


*Outcall for client in Malibu, CA*


Integrate body & mind


I walk with you to healing


Results that last


I do Party & Office massage


Karla, "Back to yoga!"


"Melt away stress"


Txt/Call Mr Reset


How is are you feeling?

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I am here with you in healing!

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