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Your perfect RESET

Serving Arizona, LA,
Palm Springs, & VIRTUAL

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Are you ready?

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  Walk, sleep, move - pain free; at peace of mind & with heart passionately on fire ?

I unwind you at the seams realigning your:

muscles, joints, nerves, heart & mind   

Using Massage + Breath + Energywork


@ My studios in:

CURRENT > Arizona: Ahwatukee, SDale, PHX, Tempe,

mid-late summer > Cali: WEST+EAST LA, PS

@  you host, or VIRTUAL. 

Trust is felt from our 1st point of contact, & all the way through + never by force + with perfect pressure.


Your RESET melts...

stuck joints,

numbing + muscle pain,

anxious mind,

weight + pressure,

from our crazy world; 

in a 30 - 60 - 90 + minute session.


~ I had a gift early on to feel people’s pain & now 1000 sessions later; and easily melting decades of strain in seconds like deep knots, muscle/joint restriction, improving range of motion, + alignment in my clients - did I find the nervous system is in charge of all tissues.

~ So I address the neuro-muscular connection disarming the nerves from our busy, chaotic lives, and then slip into deep tissue that gives you results that last. 

~ GREAT with your post injury/surgery! As a lifelong extreme athlete I've had sprains, ligament + tendon tears, bone fractures + shatters ~~~> my success in recovery is your asset.

~  After chronic anxiety + injuries to now living:

 PAIN FREE + CALM + GOOD POSTURE + RANGE OF MOTION = EASE of movement; + so are my clients!


Why I call them Ceremony massages :

~ Session is 100% custom to you + adjusts seamlessly to your tissues' cries moment to moment. 

~ Each session I use a range of modalities :

deep<>light tissue, myofascial release, reflexology,

energy/neuro work, + somatic breathwork.

~ Everything is connected from ankle -> neck / jaw + and as we move the electrical energy of the nervous system does the real freedom of movement happen.

~ My intention is only working on what you're ready to work through + I'll guide breath into the most intense moments.

 ~  I'm studying daily from the most effective Physical therapists, healers, & masters.

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I walk with you


"Sleep like a rock!"


Results that last


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"Body back to natural state"

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Mind + Body massage


"Melt away stress"

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Results that last forever

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