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    I am Mr Reset for a reason, affecting deeper than muscle. My massage is a transformational experience by re-integrating your muscles, joints, and nerves to make you feel a deep sense of ease: improving your movement, posture, & emotion.

   From scalp ~> feet; I align your whole system. As a lifelong extreme athlete / body builder where I have experienced 2 serious injuries/rehabs; along with learning how to live pain free; compounded with 1300+ hours of dedicated study in deep tissue / fascia unwinding massage ~~> light touch: neuro/spinal cord release - and have done over 600 massages - I am confident this will be the best massage of your life!


   Earning your mind & nervous systems' trust and shaking off the busy nerves of life is the #1 most important part to the body surrendering into deep relief; and this I was good at before school. Trust starts from our 1st point of contact, & is felt all the way through your session with perfect pressure. Each session is exactly what you need to open & realign. Putting discomfort behind you forever. 


   I even offer for FREE tips / tricks too to further your results.

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