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Who is Mr Reset?

     Even before getting licensed, I noticed huge impact from my massage. And even till this day immediately after, every person showing an improved: emotion, posture, and movement. 


Hello I am Mr. Reset or as my Ma calls me Brad!

As a life long high impact athlete and dealing with injuries I understand how the body functions and how those functions need maintenance. Each massage is CUSTOM tailored by me after close assessment to how you show up that day!

Using a variety of different modalities I have proven effective @:

- Expanding hips to make walking easier

- Improving overall posture

- Releasing frozen shoulder / neck 

- Relieving depression / anxiety

- Bringing back feeling in numb limbs 

- Reducing migraines' occurrence/pain

- Relieving lower back / shoulder pain

- Increasing ankle mobility 

- Encourage digestion 

- Bringing deep sleep

- Relieving stress on organs

- Bring joy back into your life

- Loosening up scar tissue

- Relieving & grounding your mind to give your peace back

I am here with you!  I am Mr Reset!!


*Outcall for client in Malibu, CA*


Joe, Crossfit Trainer


Andrew, Badly torn shoulder

Kelli, Hairstylist


Telma, Bday Party 8 woman


Karla, Hairstylst


Timothy, weekly regular


How is are you feeling?

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I am here with you in healing!

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